Student Info
Friday, August 10th 2:30-4:30 pm - WNHS Warrior Performing Arts Center 
Audition Workshop - Learn about the format of a high school theatre audition and some tips for preparing for this season's auditions.  This is an optional activity and NOT a requirement for auditioning for any WNHS theatre production.

Thursday August 16th after school - Audition for the Fall Show
Friday, August 17th after school - Call Backs for the Fall Show
Monday, August 20th after school - Cast List posted and rehearsals for the Fall Show start after school 
Tuesday, September 4th after school - 1st Drama Club meeting for students

Monday, August 13th 7:00 pm - WNHS Warrior Performing Arts Center
WNHS Theatre Parents/Family Q & A - Families new to WNHS theatre as well as returning families are invited to an informational session hosted by Director Kim Mollohan (Mrs. M), Tech Director Mr. Fansler, and the Theatre Boosters.  Learn more about this season's productions for cast/crew, pick up a WNHS theatre lingo/guide handout, ask questions, and help you and your student feel more at home as you join this supportive group of teens and parents.  Students are welcome and Drama Club officers will be there too.